A Counter-intuitive Approach To Becoming One!

These days, digital marketing is something that has been upended by any other market or industry. Internet has created an unprecedented platform in terms of product visibility with the growing engagement worldwide. It is the digital revolution that mainly provides consumers with unlimited choices but do you know how to attract new customers while keeping the existing ones along? To be a digital marketing executive, you must keep the brand loyalty viable in such a hyper-saturated market eliminating the challenges that are daunting you. Keeping in mind about the aspiring marketers, it is time to know how to enter into the workforce portraying your capabilities. 

Who Is A Digital Marketing Executive?

With the growing and an increasing rate of companies, the importance of digital marketing is widely enhancing the business of many, while creating a clear pathway for various careers and job titles. A digital marketing executive is responsible for engaging in a brand along with customers or clients via the digital space with the aim of establishing and managing their online presence. It is essential for an aspiring executive to keep up to date with relevant issues and latest news through articles, blogs and other content to ensure the brand is in the forefront of any industry and its development.  

Important Factors To Keep In Mind To Becoming A Professionalised Executive!

Social Media

One of the most important platforms for a digital marketing executive’s job is to engage on social media with the community, on various platforms which may include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many more. The importance of social media is to share content and other information on various deals and offers. Youtube is considered as the second most popular social media platform, with the use of approximately highest number of population of the world. Various companies have been using Youtube to produce informative and high quality content videos in order to strategise and increase the skills of many, keeping it handy in a marketing role. 

Search Engine Optimisation

Something which is known by high number of population, more commonly known as SEO, is an essential part of the role for a digital marketing executive, as it refers to the strategy at aiming to be at the top of the search engine for your website. This also involves taking care of the domain name as well as a good number of keywords. SEO does not only consists of playing with keywords, it has so much more beyond that- a vast concept such as strategising the placement of keywords, gaining links from high-ranking websites, traffic and constantly updating shareable content which consists of high-quality. 

Email Marketing

Many people have a misconception that Emails are outdated, which is not true! Emails are still a powerful technique and a form of marketing despite the popularity of other social media platforms.There are many companies which conducts mass email and send it to their mailing list for informing them of upcoming offers and news. They can also be sent out for potential and new customers to grow awareness of the company in order to gain new customers. 


Blogging is an extensively unique and the best way for marketing these days. Blogs allow the websites to constantly refresh the content which can be shared amongst various platforms to gain traffic. Blogs are extremely useful and can be used to establish expertise and extended online reach. This helps to gain awareness about the company allowing for networking and connecting with like-minded people and potential clientele. 

Valuable Skills Required for Digital Marketing Executives!

A Digital Marketing Executive plans and executes all aspects of a company’s online marketing strategy which also includes market research and targeting, social media outreach, search engine optimization, newsletters and direct campaigns, lead generation, brand building, and conversion. To become one, you must have the following skills:

  • Excellent communication skills (Verbal and Written)
  • High level proficiency in web analytics which may include Google Analytics, WebTrends CRM software etc. 
  • SEO along with SEM
  • Experience in Social media and Content creation
  • Creative mind with the innovative thinking capacity
  • Google AdWords
  • Understanding the theory of marketing and practice 
  • Working with knowledge of ad serving tools, HTML and CSS, flash, action script, and JavaScript coding.


To become a digital marketing executive is not easy, for it requires perseverance and practice for which, you must be able to explore new ideas. We at Red Dash Media, provide every service to cater all your needs which includes SEO, Social Media, PPC, digital marketing and more. So, if you are wanting to become one, here is a one stop solution for you all!

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